how to choose a bike, that suits your requirements

how to choose a bike. First, you need to consider your riding needs, set a budget, and find a bike type. test ride different models Evaluate frame materials and components. Seek expert advice and consider maintenance and long-term care support.

Tips for choose a bike

It is important to factor in taxes and expenses, which may vary slightly and should be accounted for. It is recommended to consult with a knowledgeable bike seller who can suggest a suitable model based on your needs. A brand new bike can range in price from ten thousand to one hundred thousand.


Determine your budget

When selecting a bike, after determining your budget and bike type, it’s important to consider the brand and model. For road, mountain, hybrid, or city bikes within the same price range, accessories will likely be similar. Brand choice depends on personal preference, as each brand offers a different riding experience due to frame material. Beginners typically have three frame material options: chromoly, aluminum, and carbon fiber, which impact price and riding experience.



Chromoly is a lightweight and durable material that provides a good riding experience and can be repaired when damaged. Aluminum frames are even lighter than Chromoly, rust-resistant, and suitable for road bikes and climbing, but they cannot be repaired. Carbon Fiber is the lightest material, combining the strengths of Chromoly and Aluminum, but it is also the most expensive, leading to higher costs for other components using carbon fiber.



Folding bikes come in various brands, each with its own unique folding mechanism, resulting in different appearances. These bikes are ideal for commuting and travel, prioritizing lightweight and easy folding for convenience. Some models feature small wheels for easy transportation, while others have larger wheels for a smoother ride. Tyrell folding bikes exemplify a high-end option resembling road bikes, incorporating premium components, and commanding a higher price.

Pros and Cons

  • For bike enthusiasts, the choice of bike type should be carefully considered. Options include folding bikes, high-speed bikes, city bikes, and mountain bikes. Factors to consider when selecting a bike include the purpose of use and personal preferences.
  • Is there a suitable option for commuting in the city if there are no specific bike shops nearby? Can a folding bike be trusted for daily use in the city?
  • When it comes to longer distances, it may be better to opt for a hybrid or mountain bike with larger tires to handle various road conditions, especially in places like Bangkok with non-standard manhole covers. For those who use bikes for exercise and enjoy exploring new routes, a versatile bike that can handle any terrain would be ideal. Whether it’s a light ride through the jungle or a challenging uphill climb, there are options available to suit any need.



Consider the features of the bike. Does it have the gears, brakes, and suspension you need? Does it have the storage and accessories you require? Make sure the bike you choose has the features you need for your intended use.

how to choose a bike

Test ride the bike

If you happen upon a bike store that offers test rides, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to test the bike first. This way, you can see if you personally like the feel of the bike. Additionally, each frame material provides a different experience. It’s important to find a bike that suits your preferences and needs.


Essential for a Good choose

For those looking to purchase a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, or city bike, the size of the bike is crucial. Dishonest merchants may try to sell a bike that doesn’t fit the rider, causing many problems in the future. It’s important to know how to choose the right bike size for yourself before making a purchase.


Folding bikes

Folding bikes come in different sizes to accommodate different users. The seat post and handlebar height can be adjusted to suit the rider’s body. If you plan to use it for your daily commute or touring the bike. Consider the size when folded—is it suitable for the route you plan to take?







Single Speed







Bicycle Kid

Electric cargo






Racks, Packs

Patch Kit

Minimum Tools



Rear-View Mirror

GPS bike tracker

Extra Water Bottles

Tire Pressure Gauge

Water Bottle and Cage

Cycling Shoes

Cycling Gloves

Cycling Shorts

Cycling Jersey

Cycling Jacket

Fanny Pack



Bike Bag




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